КРЦОО Nordic

Expected Result

The project “Joining creativity” focuses on promoting economic cooperation and trade between the Nordic countries and North-West Russia, which is one of the priority areas of the Nordic Council of Ministers. This project aims to help in particular Nordic and Russian creative industry firms to identify and exploit the business opportunities in North-West Russia and the Nordic countries, respectively.


- The project increases awareness among the target groups of CI potential in the Nordic countries and North-West Russia through well-planned activities.

- Increased information exchange and networking between Nordic and Russian firms and authorities to support the development of creative industries in Nordic countries and North-West Russia: learning from each other

- Knowledge and competence enhancement for Nordic and North-West Russian firms

- Sustainability of the project results and accumulation of knowledge is increased by involving experienced entrepreneurs as mentors in the project

- The project strengthens the realization of different kinds of new partnerships between public and private sector actors, sharing of best practices, innovative platforms and operating models that ensure qualitative development work and hence cultivation of cross-cutting ideas into economically sustainable and concrete projects and actions

- Communication activities ensure that knowledge and information of support services are easily accessible and efficiently disseminated.

This new project strengthens the cooperation between Nordic countries and North-West Russia in the field of creative industries. It has the potential to contribute to economic and social development, as it aims to develop services and networks for boosting creative industries in the selected regions, and strengthens the capabilities of culture and creative industry actors to contribute to the regional and national economies. Development of CI sector in the Nordic countries is likely to give new work opportunities and does have positive impact on employment in the Nordic region.

This is done through working with Nordic and North-West Russian creative industry organizations (developers, SMES, and other relevant stakeholders). 

  • The projects results will be utilized and implemented in the target region as well as in the Northern Dimension area through the activities of the existing national and international networks in the sector. International networks include e.g. the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture and national networks, e.g. Creative Industries Finland.
  • Cooperation between the project participating firms continues and strengthens.
  • Dissemination of the project results continues after completion of the project: the project participants/experts are actively involved in the development of creative industry sector both in terms of developing the entrepreneur’s capabilities as well as policy development.