КРЦОО Nordic

Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre


Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Center was created in Petrozavodsk in 1995 within  SIDA-supported project (project Swedish-Karelian Business Center, 1995-1997). In 1996 SKBIC was registered as a Russian legal entity. SKBIC has operated since 1999 in the framework of Agreement on cooperation between the Republic of Karelia, Russia and Västerbotten county, Sweden.


SKBIC’s main directions of activity are:

1. Assistance in realization of provisions of Protocol on cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and Västerbotten county;

2. Active participation in Barents region and Baltic Sea region projects and programs;

3. Assistance in developing economic ties between the regions;

4. Promotion of contacts between various organizations in Karelia and in Sweden.

SKBIC carries out its activities aimed at assistance to SME enterprises in order to spread mutually useful information about opportunities for economic cooperation and contribute to broadening of contacts among entrepreneurs using  different ways: participation in fairies, exhibitions, business seminars and meetings as well as implementation of small projects.

In particular, from 2001 till 2013 SKBIC provided assistance to Karelian enterprises, working in the sphere of creative industries, in presenting their companies and their goods, organizing business talks during traditional annual trade-economic exhibition of Stur Nulyi held on the north of Sweden in the cities Umeo and Piteo in sequence. In general during that period about 40 SME from Karelia participated in the exhibition.

SKBIC initiates and implements its own projects with the financial assistance from the Swedish side. Project ‘Women’s entrepreneurship from the West to the East’ (2011-2013) is one of the projects supporting creative industries. The project was aimed at development of women’s entrepreneurship and encouraging women to create and promote their own enterprises. Within the project Russian and Swedish experts conducted a row of business trainings for the participants from northern and southern districts of the Republic of Karelia, wishing to open their own business or develop already existing enterprise.

In addition, SKBIC actively initiates and implements international projects in cooperation with partners from Nordic Countries.




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E-mail: skbic@karelia.ru