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Institute for Cultural Programs

About the Institute

The Institute for Cultural Programs (ICP), a state-financed organization for culture and additional education, was established in 1993 by the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture.

During this existence the ICP has formed as a regional informational, educational and analytical center with the purpose to implement the city’s cultural policy and to increase the efficiency of cultural industry. The ICP works in the fields of information, continuing education, and cultural research. The ICP develops and implements local, regional, federal and international projects.

Project Activity

One of the most significant activities of the Institute for Cultural programs is promotion of the development of creative industries and creative economy in St. Petersburg and in the North-West of Russia. The Institute for Cultural programs has been actively involved in the events within the framework of the Northern Dimension Partnership on culture (NDPC).

With the support of Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg the ICP has implemented number of projects to strengthen the international dialogue and to develop joint creative initiatives in the Northern Dimension. The activities were held within the Northern Dimension Partnership on culture in St. Petersburg with the participation of the Institute for Cultural Programs.

The ICP has been the coordinator of international projects since 2010 implemented with the NCM grant funds and co-financing of the St. Petersburg Committee for Culture in the framework of the program "The program of increasing the level of competence and networking development":

• «Development of partnerships in the creative industries spheres between the North-West of Russia and Nordic countries" (2011-2013)

• “Management of Music Festivals” is a work package of the project “Northern Dimension Management in Culture and Creative Industries” (2011-2013)

• «Development of financing and legislation in the creative industries sector of the Northern Dimension area» (2012-2014)

• «Analysis of the Nordic Council of Ministers' projects in the field of creative industries in the North West of Russia" (2014-2015)

Geography of the projects covers St. Petersburg, North-West of Russia, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the Nordic countries.

Brochures were released as a result of the project's implementation, which represent the current trends of development of creative industries in the North-West of Russia and the Nordic countries. All brochures are available on the website of the Institute for Cultural Programs http://www.spbicp.ru/content40

The Institute for Cultural Programs participated in the implementation of project phases "Elaboration and promotion of training programs for the organization of mass events as a tool for the development of cultural initiatives and tourism in the North-West of Russia" in 2011-2013 within the grant of the Non-State Actors and Local Authorities Program for the Baltic Sea Region.



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