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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia

Creative industries support is one of the activity directions of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia.

Creative potential of the Republic of Karelia or ‘creative class’ composes a significant part in the structure of region’s population.

According to the data of regional statistics people whose professions are connected with creativity (education, culture, tourism, advertising, internet and computer technologies, cinema, radio and TV, publishing or printing industries, photography, fashion, art industry, production of furniture, jewelry and so on) make up more than 100 thousand people. About 50 officially registered companies work in the field of handicraft and souvenirs. More than 2/3 of region`s enterprises are indirectly involved into creative economy of the Republic of Karelia.

Development of this resource and emphasizing it as priority area of region’s development corresponds to the aims of social and economic development of the Republic of Karelia and increases effectiveness of human capital investment on this territory.

The infrastructure created in the Republic of Karelia is aimed at supporting of creative industry development. It was created on the base of the Craft & Design Business Incubator as basis of creative allocation unit. Art-residency which accepts young cultural workers from all over the world, engaged in creative industry, was also opened in Petrozavodsk.

New types of cultural institutes, actively developing on the territory of the republic, could also become a part of institutional basis for creative industries development.

Among those institutes may be multifunctional cultural centers, the concept of which is actively introduced by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Till the end of 2016 this center will also be opened in the Republic of Karelia, in Kostamuksha. 49,9 millions rubles were granted from the federal budget, co-financing from consolidated budget of the Republic of Karelia is equal to 50 millions rubles.  These centers will combine functions of cultural institute, educational center and public space. Simultaneously modern telecommunication technologies will be widely used in the work of the centers. Model of multifunctional cultural center is particularly relevant to monocities, for which development of creative industries is of urgent necessity since it will help to diversify economy with the aims of tackling structural massive unemployment and providing of more stable economy.  

Another model of new types of institutes – ethno-cultural center – is becoming more and more relevant for territories with ethno-cultural particularities.

As for today network of ethno-cultural organizations of the Republic of Karelia represents 14 organizations of various ownership forms, united by one common aim of becoming effective resource for increasing investment attractiveness of the region, creating conditions for increasing standards of living of local people by the means of development of self-employment in the sphere of creative industries.

What is more, the Republic of Karelia, as border territory, actively attracts recourses of cross-border cooperation for the development of creative industries. In particular, creation of  the Craft & Design Business Incubator, network of ethno-cultural organizations became possible thanks to the Program of Cross-border cooperation of the European Union ‘European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument ‘Karelia’’.

New program of cross-border cooperation ‘Karelia’, which will last till 2020, marks support of creative industries development as one of its goals.

Currently priority goals of creative industries development in the region are:

  • elaboration of regional statistics of the creative industries sector
  • creation of infrastructure of creative industries development in the regions of the Republic of Karelia on the base of complex and ethno-cultural centers
  • support of creative education and development of cre4ative entrepreneurship
  • development of communication ties with business sector which is to become a platform for further development of creative industries.
  • ekaboration of program/sub-program of support of creative industries development on the base of complex interdepartmental cooperation.




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