КРЦОО Nordic

The first partner meeting in Helsinki 19 of April


In February, 2016 Karelian Resource Center of Non-governmental Organizations started implementation of international project ‘Joining Creativity’ which is financed be the Nordic Council of Ministers. The main aim of the project is to improve economic cooperation and trade among Nordic Countries and northwest Russian as well as promote successful integration of firms engaged in creative industry in the region of the Baltic Sea. The project will be completed in April, 2017 and till that time it is planned to conduct analysis of business opportunities in the sphere of creative industry in northwest Russia, to define main problems and possible ways of their solution, to define new forms of cooperation as well as to disseminate information about business opportunities in the region. Events will help to establish stable network of cooperation among partners, to exchange experience and opinions and also to share the best practices.

On the 19th of April in Helsinki the first big meeting of partners was held during which representatives of partner-organizations discussed in details the main questions concerning the project implementation. Among the participants of the meeting were representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Saint-Petersburg International Business Association, Institute for Cultural Programs in Saint-Petersburg, Norwegian-Russian chamber of commerce, County Administrative Board of Västerbotten, Sweeden, organization of Innovation center in Iceland, University of Aalto, Finland.

The meeting was opened by Nikolai Oskin, Director General of Karelian Resource Center of Non-governmental Organizations, having told about the main activity areas of the Center. Afterwards every partner had a chance to tell about activity of their organization and its role in the project. Then participants discussed the main planned events, formed expert and coordination groups of the project, discussed budget and possibilities of co-financing. Project partners expressed hope that cooperation will bear fruits and that the project will be successful!

In afternoon participants of the meeting visited Aalto Media Factory where members of the company told them about main areas of activity and projects of the factory. After presentations an excursion was organized so as to show premises of the complex during which participants visited studio equipped with 3D-printers, sound- and video-recording studios, furniture and decorations manufacturing room. Participants of the project ‘Joining creativity’ managed to see in practice how students and members of Aalto University develop creative industries.

Next events including round-table for representatives of creative industries as well as meeting as coordination and expert groups will be conducted in July in Arkhangelsk on the base of Northern (Arctic) Federal University.