КРЦОО Nordic

Творческие индустрии: Карелия


Handmade textile, hand printing using wooden stamps, stencil printing, serigraphy. Working with wood, bronze, restauration, creating interior compositions in mixed techniques, making ethnic clothes, graphics. Illustrations for books and textbooks on alternative communication.

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Divnaja Karyala

Denis and Elena Nosovy (Divnaja Karjala) 

We are creating a project «Divnaja Karjala».

Drawing an inspiration from the Northern nature and traditions,

we build permacultural farm enterprise, adopt autonomous power supply systems (using sun and wind energy) and eco-friendly technologies,


Working out projects for your house. Consulting on architectural concepts and interiors for residential accommodations, shops, cafes.

We provide you qualified assistance with:

GeoGrafika / Anna Mikhaylova

I am an artist working primarily with landscape painting and illustration. I carry out plein airs and workshops for children and adults. My works are usually devoted to the North: Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Spitzbergen, Scandinavia; besides, I am working on the series of illustrations on northern legends.

Studio of Hyurri family

Our craft shop produces fermented black tea of Karelian herbs and makes mixtures – we offer you the products of tea blending rather than simple mixtures of tea and additional herbs and berries. All our herbs are harvested and prepared manually; that is why we are sure in its quality.

Foundation of the Promotion of Civic Initiatives of the Pryazhinsky district “Melnitsa”

Preservation and development of traditional Karelian crafts. Support of craft producers across the Pryazhinsky district. Organization and carrying out of events. Support of the craft shop “Stall of Masters” [“Lavka masterov”] and organizing its work in the tourist destinations of the Pryazhinsky district. Launch of online craft shop “Art-village” [“Art-selo”].