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"The County Administrative Board of Västerbotten is a Swedish national authority that works as a link between people and the municipalities of Västerbotten on the one hand, and between the Government, Parliament and national authorities on the other.

Sweden is divided into twenty-one counties; each county has a County Administrative Board and a county governor. The County Administrative Board is a coordinating national authority. The County of Västerbotten is situated in the north of Sweden.

In Västerbotten there are very good conditions for the cultural and creative industries by highly qualified educations, an environment of competence and meeting places for companies, researchers and entrepreneurs. Creative industries in Västerbotten have great growth potential. Improved conditions for entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries and increased collaboration with the industry contribute to growth and increased regional competitiveness.

Västerbotten is known for a strong culture scene, not least in performing and literature. Alongside the established cultural industries, the region has a number of market-leading companies in the field of digital media and technology.


Today Västerbotten hosts world leading companies in culture and creative industries. One example is the cluster of digital design companies in the city of Skellefteå with North Kingdom as the most known. The city of Umeå is in the forefront when it comes to culture and an obvious proof of this is the appointment of the city as the European Capital of Culture 2014"